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Why decollators are a must-have for your mailing

Don’t let the basic office chores get you down, especially the mailing. Are you looking for the best mailing solutions? Than you need to know the 3 reasons why decollators are a must-have. These fantastic pieces of machinery can assist you in increasing your productivity.

What exactly are decollators? They are machines that are used to separate multi-part continuous forms before being put through a burster. This is an essential process that needs to happen to assist the burster with its function. A burster is used to separate continuous-form paper. Which is why decollators need to be used hand in hand with the burster. Basically the decollator needs to be used before the burster if the forms that need to be separated have multiple parts. Now that you understand the functionality of the machine, you need to know the 3 main reasons why it is a must-have for your business:

  1. Productivity: it is all well and good having a burster situated in your offices but if you do not have a decollator as well you might find that productivity decreases. The decollator will make it that much easier to work with continuous-form paper by first separating the forms. Most machines can separate anywhere between 2-6 part forms in one pass.
  2. Time saving: it is important to have machinery that can assist you in your time management. With this machine by your side you can get out those all-important invoices on time, every time.
  3. Professionalism: when it comes to sending out important documentation to your employees or clients you want to make sure that they look professional. The decollator can make that possible. It will keep the documentation neatly in place while trimming the margin. There are two options with the feeders you can use either a pin tractor or friction. The pin tractor allows for a more precise and continuous form run so is normally the preferred choice.

These pieces of machinery are definitely a must have for your office for these three reasons. On top of that you can also add on accessories to make the machine perform at a higher quality. This can include a trim bucket to hold trimmings, a margin trim chopper to compact waste trimmings and a carbon rewind to organize used carbon. There are so many options to improve the normal functioning of the decollator that you are truly spoiled for choice. To get the best out of your mailing solutions you need to include this machine in conjunction with the burster to get the best results. In fact some manufacturers have started to create a burster decollator combination to increase productivity even further.

Different mailing solutions that you should consider for your office

There are a number of mailing solutions that you need to consider for your office:

  • Emailing solutions
  • Envelope openers
  • Plastic wrapping
  • Sorting and counting machines

Finding solutions to having your business run effectively is what Mail Mech does. Let them help you with all your mailing solutions and so much more. For more information on the products and services that Mail Mech offer, visit

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