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We’d Like to Address an Important Issue

So, you’ve decided on a direct mail marketing campaign? Good choice! Direct marketing is highly effective if you plan and execute it correctly, giving you good exposure and measurable results.

In order for this to happen though, your customers have to read the information you send them. Before they can do that, they have to open the envelope it comes in. That really is one of an envelope’s key functions – apart from neatly containing whatever it is you’re mailing, envelopes are made to be opened!

Obvious, much? Actually, hundreds of thousands of well-intentioned and hopeful mailouts end up in the bin or shredder without ever being opened. So it’s no good spending time and resources creating a fantastic marketing document if the last daylight it ever sees comes right before you consign it to an ill-fated envelope.

So how can you make sure your mailout envelope stands out enough to be opened? You make the best first impression possible. How do you this? Well, let’s address that problem right now! No, really, let’s address it. Properly, accurately and in an eye-catching way.

Why An Address Printer Is A Marketing No-Brainer

You may think the clue is in the name, but an envelope addressing printer does so much more than simply print addresses on envelopes. It can also overprint them with colourful images, company logos and marketing messages, all of which greatly increase the chances of them being opened. These images and messages can be changed as often as you like, and it can all be done simply, quickly and in-house.

Envelope address printers print directly onto the envelope, so you can say goodbye to the sticky problem of adhesive labels, which often have to be applied to the envelope by hand. This is expensive, time consuming and doesn’t create the most professional image of your company.

A professionally printed and addressed envelope says you care – about your customers, your company and the product or service you’re offering. If you can say all this with just an envelope, imagine what you can say with its contents. This is what people will open it to find out.

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