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How to use binders

It is important to know how to use binders properly, especially with the need for school books to be ready on time for the new schooling year. Not only can binders assist in making this possible but are also an essential item to have in your offices for many other reasons.

Binders are used to attach documents together. Some of the most important documents that are bound together are the school books that children need to study properly. Every year new school books are made and sent to the schools to be given to the students. Being able to provide the gift of education to children can be possible if you know how to use a binder properly. Binders are also essential in assisting school children with getting there work done and handed in on time. As the child gets older the school homework and projects will become more difficult. In some cases it is necessary to present the project in a more professional manner. This can be achieved if the child chooses to come to your company to use the binder to bind their project together. Whether you are in the business of making books for children or assisting them in making professional looking projects, you will need to know how to use a binder properly.

The main type of binding machine that is used, uses a comb with teeth. Here is how to operate one of these machines properly:

  1. Placing the comb: there are different sized binding combs to choose from. You should choose the appropriate size for your documentation to bind it properly. Once you have it secured properly you can begin the process and turn on the machine. The comb will be properly in place when the teeth are facing upwards and you are able to turn the crank towards you to open the comb. This will than hold it open so that you can place the documentation in the correct position.
  2. Punch the holes: once the paper is in place, you can push down on the pedal or press a button (depending on what type of machine you have) to punch the holes in place. These holes are essential to the binding process so it is important to get them in the same place on each piece of paper.
  3. Bind it all together: now that the holes are punched and the binder comb in place you can make one whole document. Line up the holes against the binder comb and push onto the comb. You will then need to crank the binding comb closed and pull the document out of the machine. You will be left with a perfectly bound document.

Professional binders that you can rely on 

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