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The Perils Of Envelope Printing, And How To Get It Right

Adulthood can be tricky.

We tend to take for granted some of the things in life that look easy. These would include making the perfect cup of coffee, wrapping a sandwich in cling film without using bad words, and printing an address on a non-standard envelope.

Unless we do this for a living, these small pieces of life can turn into traumatic issues.

Let us assure you that you are not alone.

Certainly not when it comes to printing envelopes. A single setting can see your envelope printed sideways, upside-down or not at all.

So here are a few useful tips to make sure that you retain your sanity and your sense of humour at the end of a busy envelope printing day.

Most word processing software, publishing software, or design programs will contain envelope templates which will set you on the right path.  With just a few clicks, you can print a single envelope or a mass mailing campaign.

The first thing you need to know is the size of the envelope you’re printing on. This is Printing 101, and the most likely step to derail even the most determined office person. Envelopes sizes are usually clearly printed on their outer label. When this corresponds with your print settings, then you’re onto a winner.

Your font type may be automatically set, but it’s likely that you’ll want to set a custom font size and colour for your envelope. Images can also be included here, which adds to the interest – especially for mailing campaigns. Just be aware that small, fancy, or illegible fonts may not be easily read by the post office scanners, and could go amiss.

The next mini hurdle is deciphering which way the envelope goes into the printer. Face up or face down. Your printing software should tell you this. And, failing that, there will be a little image on your printer which shows you which way is up. If all else fails, send through a blank piece of paper and see how it comes out. Then you know for sure before setting the printer to a 200-page run.

Check the quality of your envelopes. High-quality paper with a sharp crease will feed and print well. And don’t forget that fancy envelopes with clasps or other protruding pieces would get stuck in your printer. So in that case, it’s best to use a label.

When you’re ready to print a large volume of envelopes, make sure that they are loosely stacked. A tight wad of paper will get jammed. And paper jams are right up there with gridlocked traffic and mothers-in-law when it comes to things that cause mental anguish.

Alternatively, you could just buy one of our easy-peasy envelope printers. For low, medium, or high volume printing, we have made it simple. Because we know how difficult cling film can be.

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