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State-Of-The-Art Plastic Wrapping Systems Are Turning Heads.

We’ve all seen the familiar sight of plastic wrapping systems now used at airports all over the world to secure passenger luggage. On an industry level though, whether wrapping piles of loaded pallets together, or tiny individual sweets, the industry is streets ahead of its time.

Today’s elegantly designed systems are veritably entertaining to watch. Whizzing through their paces like a ‘well-oiled machine’ – pun intended, fully computerized systems deliver heap after heap of perfectly wrapped product. Particularly helpful to the graphic arts and hardcopy media industries, products can be counted and wrapped with personalized plastic wrapping and even addressed if needed.

Created for super operational ease, today’s wrappers enable rapid job set-up, speedy change-overs and brilliantly streamlined procedures. Plastic wrapping systems accurately memorize applications and corresponding parameters. Component options abound with programmable stacking, roll conveyors, diversion units and a battery of shuttle, rotary, friction and gadget feeders, all readily upgradable.

Features such as continual or cut-sheet feeding at the start of the line and modules that use suction to automatically open magazine and book covers for inserts, turn the pains of the past into pleasures of today. Best of all, the noise level is low, and reduced mechanical parts have resulted in way less maintenance.

Entry level plastic wrapping systems run slower at 6000 p/ph (pieces/products per hour) and the ‘big-daddy’ systems deliver an astounding 15 000 – 18 000 p/ph! Head turners indeed. Gone too, is the need for heat-sealing tunnels as on-the-spot glue or heat sealing is included at the end of the production line.

We have to agree that seeing the efficacy of today’s multi-functional plastic wrapping systems, one could seriously start a business wrapping things. The possibilities are certainly endless. Anyway, as they say in the movies, ‘That’s a wrap’ for now.

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