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Snail mail or Email – which marketing campaign is best?

If you are in business – any business – then you have a marketing budget. Or at least, you really should. Getting customers to find you and take notice is a very big deal.

In this 21st century, it’s becoming more and more difficult to be heard. The online noise is deafening and mailboxes are choked with flyers and brochures. Did you know that over 205 billion emails are sent every single day?

Marketing is challenging – but it works. The trick is working out what works for your particular business.

Many are of the opinion that direct mail campaigns are dead. And that email is the way forward.

When you consider how many emails are sent, (and how many land up in your inbox), you can see how easy it is to ignore them. In fact in the US, the open rate for marketing emails hovers around the 13-14% mark. But they can work, and they do. It just depends on your market.

So here are a few things to consider when you need to choose between conventional direct mail or email.

Email Marketing Campaigns – The Facts

  • Email is fast and cheap. To put together a great offer with some eye-catching graphics doesn’t take long. And you can get it out to a host of people with just a click of a button. Mailmech can help you with this. We have a great team working on setting up and managing marketing campaigns for our clients.
  • The response rate can be low. In general, the response rate for unsolicited email is 0.01%. If you have a mailing list of raving fans, it will be better. But emails are easy to ignore.
  • It is easier to track the emails that you send and monitor your response rate. Direct mail does not offer this option.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns – The Facts

  • Direct mail marketing is more time consuming and pricier to set up. However, an over-sized postcard with some appealing images and a strong call to action will see a response rate of around 2%. (Significantly higher than email’s average 0.01%)
  • If you want to reach high-level decision makers – don’t bother with email. Their spam filters are so tight that not even the best and brightest emails are going to get through. This is the perfect time to use a direct mail piece – possibly dressed up as business mail – to get in front of them.
  • Direct mail is a great way to introduce yourself. A striking, irregularly-shaped card with bold graphics allows you to stand out in a crowded business space.
  • If you have a precise audience in mind, then consider direct mail. For example, if you are targeting people in a particular post-code or suburb, then a great piece of marketing mail delivered to their door will have more impact than “just another email”.

The great thing is that Mailmech can assist you – whichever direction you wish to go. We can set up your emails and track your progress – or supply you with everything you need to get a great direct mail campaign out of the door.

Better yet – why choose? Email marketing and direct mail marketing are great bedfellows, and work best as a team. We can help you create and manage a cohesive marketing experience that reaches your market wherever they’re at – both online and offline.

Call us on 011 789-1608 or visit us at and let us help you to grown your business.

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