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Skype etiquette: Making Skype communication work for you

When it comes to streamlining processes in the modern office, very few things come close to Skype.

Let’s face it, a group face-to-face meeting with team members from around the world – with the ability to instantly send files, images, and emojis – is probably one of the coolest things ever. Skype communication really has revolutionised the business world.

However, as with all new(ish) forms of communication such as email and texting, you need to be a little circumspect. It is too easy to slip into informal habits and come across as unprofessional. Or worse.

So what should you know about Skype etiquette to make sure that you get the best out of this brilliant communication tool?

IM (Instant Messaging)

Skype is a little different to email in the sense that it’s real time. Yes, you can send messages at midnight, but if you are initiating a chat during working hours, it’s a little like knocking on their office door. Instead of dumping a ton of messages on them, it’s better to begin by asking permission. A gentle, “Excuse me, do you have a moment to chat?” is perfect.


While you don’t have to start each message like a formal letter, there is still the expectation of a level of professionalism. Unless you are really familiar with the person, don’t use ‘u’, ‘ur’, ‘4 sure’ or send those (enormously funny) muppet gifs.

The Video call

Not every Skype call needs to be via video. In fact, many people prefer it not to be. But if you are planning a video call then make sure you are fully dressed. Double check your background, especially if you are at home. You don’t want a pile of laundry sitting behind you while you’re discussing the financial year end.

As with all forms of communication, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution.

Mailmech are dedicated to effective communication in all its forms. So whether you are planning an email campaign, a direct mail campaign, or you need your office set up for quality Skype calls, then give us a shout. Visit today and find out more.

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