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Size matters… in direct mail marketing

One of the biggest challenges in business (aside from people stealing other people’s sandwiches from the fridge) is getting your customers to read your correspondence. No, we’re not talking about their statements or invoices. We’re talking about the things that will get you more business. These include telling your clients and potential clients about upcoming sales; new premises if you’re moving; new products you’ve launched … and so on.

If you are sending out mail to your clients – and prospective clients – you really want to know that it’s not going to end up in the rubbish bin. And that they are going to take more than just a quick glance at it.

So how do you make your direct mail stand out in such a congested space?

According to the 2011 DMA Response Rate Report, dimensional mail campaigns average response rates of 5.49%. This is the highest of any direct response method.

So what is a dimensional mail campaign?

It is all about size. Envelopes which are larger – or smaller – than average get noticed. They are more likely to be opened and read. We are curious beasts by nature, and anything new or different is likely to catch our eye.

But we’re not talking only about a larger flat envelope. Included in these figures is something called “lumpy mail”. As you have probably worked out, it is any size or shape, besides flat.

An envelope with an item inside – even if it’s just a pen – stands a better chance of being noticed, opened and read.

Another lumpy mail item could be a box containing your sales literature and a small gift item. Or even a very small box with a strong call to action on it. Let’s face it, everyone likes to get a little something for nothing. And this option will make customers as excited as a kid with a lucky packet.

Flyers and brochures are pretty much everywhere. They get stuffed into our post boxes or pushed through our windows at the traffic lights. Do we read them? Seldom. However, if you are having some success with flyers, then reconsider their shape. A standard A5 is easy to print and cheap to churn out. But a non-standard size, or another shape altogether (think round or triangular), will make your audience look twice.

Dimensional mail is more expensive, yes. However, if it’s going to increase your response rate then it’s definitely worth the little bit of extra effort.

We at Mailmech aim to make your day that much easier. So, if you are planning to thrill your customers with an amazing campaign, make use of our automated office products. From franking to folding machines – and everything in between.

If you’re not sure what will work best for your office, then give one of our (very) friendly team a call on 011 789-1608. Or simply scan through our site at and take a look at our huge product range.

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