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Shredders are for shredding paper – right?

Well, yes and no.

The modern paper shredder can pull a piece of paper into 39 strips, or can cross-cut it into what resembles a slightly unromantic pile of confetti.

Indeed, paper shredders are a piece of office automation that is not going anywhere fast.

Common sense, company security precautions, and government regulations demand that we destroy sensitive and personal information effectively, which is why paper shredders are so common the office today.

With identity theft and online fraud becoming epidemic, we simply can’t be too careful. Any document which holds personal information needs to be destroyed properly.

But shredders contribute in another positive way.

Did you know that the larger, more robust shredders can make fast work of plastic bottles and tin cans?

Along with our office paper and cardboard, both of these items can and should be recycled.

Environmentally aware businesses will know that shredding and recycling an aluminium can, saves 90 – 95% of the energy that it takes to make the same item from aluminium ore. These shredded cans are bundled up into bales and shipped off for melting and rolling – then reincarnated into another can or similar object.

We are all acutely aware of the glut of plastic bottles which are clogging up our poor planet. Shredding and recycling your plastic bottles allows this high-density material (which would take decades to degrade naturally) to be melted down into plastic pellets, and reused time and again. Shredding your bottles is the first step toward sending these problem products down the correct path.

So whether you need to shred your HR documents, CDs, DVDs, plastic bottles, tin cans, or old pictures of your ex, we have just the right piece of equipment for you.

In fact, MailMech have been delivering quality mailing and office equipment since 1977. Why not give us a call on 011 789-1608 and let us automate your business.

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