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Quite frankly, is Franking Right for my Business?

Despite the advancement of technology and the era of electronic mail, the tradition of snail mail is still alive and kicking in many businesses today. If yours is one of them, you’ve probably already calculated just how much your company spends yearly on postage and are possibly looking for a way to make a significant annual saving, right?

So What about Franking?

Franking, using a franking machine, is the process of pre-paying postage costs while at the same time ‘branding’ your mail envelopes with information that it needs to navigate its way through the postal system more efficiently.

A frank is something such as a postage stamp, label, signature or coding that enables your letters or parcels to be sent to their destination. Franks fall into four categories – Privilege, Postage, Official business and Business reply mail. All of these are governed by the universal postal union and are regulated across countries.

While the art of franking has been around for about 100 years, two things have remained unchanged – franking saves you time and money.

Is Franking Really Worth it?

On average it should save you around 4% on your postal costs which could work out to a big number if your business sends out a lot of mail.

Franking improves your brand recognition which is important to your business growth. Many mid-range franking machines have ‘slogan block’ functionality which allows you to ‘stamp’ anything from your business logo to a business message on all your correspondence to your clients or potential clients. Think of it as free advertising!

Whether your business is big or small, franking machines come in a variety of sizes and capabilities depending on the volume of letters you have to get out.

The franking machine is linked to your business account whereby you pay for the postage costs in advance. When letters need posting, you would set the machine to the correct date and insert your mail, which is then franked with your individual impression. Many man hours are saved by not having to manually apply stamps to each envelope and the opportunity for human error is eliminated.

Due to franked mail being date sensitive, it has to be processed the same day, which means that your post moves faster through the postal system automatically, without having the hold-up of each envelope having to be checked manually before moving onto its destination.

Whether you need a franking machine for small, medium or large postal volumes, the Mail Mech experts can both supply you with top quality products and also advise you on the necessary licensing legislation. Call us today on +27 (0) 11 789-1608 or email:

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