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Putting The Lid On The Archiving Debate

Do you remember those old cardboard boxes that seemed to litter every corner of the average 1980’s office? The ones which were clumsily labelled in mismatched colours with random symbols and numbers – and you always prayed fervently that you never had to actually find anything in there?

Yes, archiving was the bane of every office person’s life.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and archiving has become a slick and smart solution to many business woes.

What are some of the benefits of effective archiving?

Reduce the risk

When those onerous audits roll around, finding those little pieces of paper, that single document, or that absent file can make a grown man cry – without a proper archiving system. Data protection and retention policies are firmly in place in many countries and proper adherence is vital. And of course, the cost of recreating lost information or data can be a heavy burden to bear.

Lower costs

Storage systems can be costly to maintain, so archiving old data safely frees up space on current systems. Of course, we have to mention the unplanned time it takes to retrieve information from poorly a poorly archived system.

Planning ahead

A well-planned and well-maintained archiving system is a smorgasbord of historical data which can be used in so many ways. For example, a business could repurpose old marketing material, photographs of videos; historical data can be used to analyse trends and customer’s buying patterns, product and service development can be planned based on solid empirical evidence of where the business has come from.

If this sounds like some sort of business utopia, then think again.

Mailmech is a company that exists to make your life easier. To that end, we have a high-level archiving system which we offer to our customers to lighten the load. Find out more about our digital archiving solution which offers safe storage of business communications, voice, image or video data, and everything in between.

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