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Professional Companies Need a Booklet Maker.

Every company worth its salt has a company profile – a brochure that explains what they do. Many also have a company handbook. Health and safety booklets, user manuals for certain machinery, menus (if you are lucky enough to have a cafe), and staff contact lists are all useful – and important too. Booklets are a quick and handy guide for almost anything in your office.

Outsourcing printing and booklet making is a costly and long-winded project. First you need to get your documents drawn up and printed to the right size. Then there’s the back and forth to the printer – who you have to hope has got it right. Wouldn’t it be handy to have your own booklet maker? You can drum up professional booklets in minutes – and save both time and money.

Our choice of booklet makers offers quick and simple options for you. Whether you create just a few booklets a week, or you need to send out thousands in a month, we can help.

Once you have your documents printed out and looking gorgeous, you simply set up your booklet maker and let it go. This clever little machine folds, staples, and trims – saving you so much time. After all, who likes to sit and fiddle with staples and fold documents … one after the next? All that is left to do is pull the completed booklets off the conveyor belt, and send them on their way. All of this is done in record time – and to your exact specs.

There is no minimum number of booklets that you can create. And this little machine is so simple it can be operated by a child (although we don’t recommend it!).

So if you need reports, pamphlets, newsletters, manuals, or handbooks, you need your own booklet maker. Restaurants who update their menus often can save themselves the cash and create them in-house. For schools, this is a must-have!

Mailmech supplies automated office equipment. We stock tools that make your life easier. In a market where speed and accuracy are key, you need to cut the right corners. And look slick and professional while doing it.

Take a moment to browse through our product section. If you have any questions, call us. Or if you would like to order one of our office simplification tools – please give us a call.

You can get us on 011 789-1608 or visit We’d love to help make your working day easier.

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