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Getting a Productive Burster on Form Handling

By definition, a burster is a mechanical device that separates perforated or continuous paper forms, coupons or gift certificate into cut sheets.

Not too convinced that a burster is a ‘must-have’? Let’s break that down for you.

How will a Burster increase office productivity?

When it comes to the mind-numbing chore of office form handling, there are two machines that work in partnership with one another to save your sanity. These would be decollators and bursters. Decollators are machines that form part of the essential process that assists a burster in its function, which is something to keep in mind when making the decision to automate the somewhat boring, but necessary office tasks.

Back to bursters. These rather handy ‘form burster’ office machines save valuable time and lots of effort when it comes to handling forms, by horizontally ‘bursting’ – aka separating – the forms along a perforation, including removing any carbon paper, and then ever so cleverly arranging and stacking them into neat little piles.

With even more efficiency, bursters can also process continuous feed or cut sheet forms by trimming off the tractor-feed or perforated edges – which is rather fantastic don’t you think?

Like with all office helpers, the different models of bursters can handle forms of varying lengths, widths, and weight. They come in a range of sizes and can be configured to handle specific types of forms. A range of settings allows the handling of varying sizes and thickness of form copies.

Depending on what your requirements are, burster models are designed for offices of just about every size. Small offices can even benefit from the presence of a tabletop burster, which although small, does the job.

Varying sizes of floor model bursters are the ideal solution for the medium to large office. As well as separating and trimming multiple copies, they are equipped with collating trays which make it possible to create from five to twenty, perfectly stacked and segregated sets of forms.

Some of the bigger model bursters even come with a stapling function! Dare to dream big.

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