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Production Scanners – The modern reply to effective data entry

Data capture can be fun – said no person ever.

In today’s fast-paced office, there is simply very little room for manually plugging data into your computer hour after dreary hour.

But, what are your options? Some information simply needs to be captured electronically in order to be processed.

Perhaps you need production scanners?

Consider, for example, your Human Resources manager who is likely to receive dozens of CVs a month. Manually entering all this information would be a full-time job, and incredibly boring to boot. Maybe you’ve run a campaign or a competition and you have a pile of paper responses – potential lead perhaps? What if you need to enter the information from a log book or a security file quickly and accurately?

Scanners have been faithfully transferring information for decades now, but they have also enjoyed some increased functionality as the years have passed. A domestic single page scanner easily transfers vital information into electronic format, but Production scanners take it to a whole new level.

The Opex AS7200i for example has a drop-feeding, packet-feeding and an auto-feeding function which reduces time-consuming paper handling – touching the paper only once to open, extract and capture. Its 300dpi imager is incredibly accurate and can recognise and translate characters and barcodes quickly and easily. What about those survey forms where x marks a preference? No problem – optical mark-sense recognition (OMR) will deal with that for you as it deciphers and captures human-marked data.

Indeed, if we’re talking labour saving devices, this has to be right up there with the microwave oven.

If your office deals with piles of paper requiring the services of a herd of data entry staff, then perhaps it’s time to change things up a little. Production scanners offer a fast, reliable, accurate and simple way to turn those human squiggles into ones and zeros and safely lock them away on your server.

In fact, if you have an office need, it’s likely that we can help you with it. Mailmech stock a range of smart devices to streamline your working day. Take a look at our products at

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