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Pressure Sealing Gives Mailing New Meaning

Not all industries can be paperless, just try queueing for any licence renewal to find out you’ve got the wrong form and have to start all over again. Without a doubt, it’s a whole new world out there for routine mailing that still has to be done monthly, for twelve months of every year. Broadly, you have two options: pressure sealing or folding and inserting. Let’s explore the former and see how it works.

The first thing to understand about pressure sealing is that the system makes use of paper, divided into sections with printed information and folds, which are pressure sealed into an envelope shape. The good news is that envelopes and the headaches that go with that end of things are out and in comes immediate cost saving. On that note, be advised that the acquisition of a pressure sealer for your company could see a 50% reduction in the cost of your processing and mailing.

Fewer errors occur with pressure sealing in that there is less handling. From the laser printer to the sealer to the postbag – nothing can be stuffed into the wrong envelope or addressed twice. Where possible, pressure sealing is preferable for highly sensitive documents as security is virtually unmatched because the actual document is being self-sealed.

Fewer functions make pressure sealing machinery really easy to use and therefore faster than folding and inserting machines. Piece counters make sure your numbers remain correct.

There isn’t technically any ‘glue’ used in pressure sealing. The process is referred to as “cohesive”, which means that ‘sticking’ only happens when corresponding cohesive-coated surfaces join and are then go through the systems high-pressure rollers. No messy glueing or high-temp adhesive activation is needed.

The real kicker is that the machines are neat, small and stylish. Perfect for home offices too, seeing that they operate quietly – with the same decibel output as a laser printer, basically.

We genuinely recommend you don’t purchase this kind of specified machine on your own. We, as vendors of the top of the range products, are more than happy to work through the ins and outs of your particular situation. To make mailing a breeze, venture with curiosity and awe into the wonderland of pressures sealers and find the one that’s just right for you.

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