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What are pressure sealers?

An Image Of A Formax FD 2250 Pressure SealerPrivate documentation needs to be sealed properly to ensure that it remains private. If you are responsible for handling such documentation then you need to know what pressure sealers are and how they can assist.

Pressure sealers are machines that have been designed to seal documentation. It is a system that is comprised of a one page self-sealing document and a pressure sealer for sealing the document. This type of machine is necessary to ensure the safety of certain documentation. When you place the self-sealing document inside of the machine the document will have patterns of cohesive that have been pre-applied. Once the document has been placed into the machine the pressure sealer will apply pressure to the patterns of cohesive and seal the document shut. That is the basic way in which all pressure sealers work. There are different types of pressure sealers that can take on different volume ratios. The following machines would be the perfect addition to your office:

  • Low volume (0-20,000.00 pages): Neopost AS-350, this is the perfect addition to a small business that simply needs to seal pay slips for their employees and other small documents. It is suitable for paper that ranges in size from an A4 to 14”.
  • Medium volume (20, 0000-125,000 pages): Neopost AS-550 is able to deal with larger documents and more weight. The document hopper can take up to 300 sheets of paper at one time and will help to create a fast turn over time.
  • Large volume (125,000-300,000 pages): Formax FE-2054, this is the big daddy of large volume pressure sealing machines. It can seal up to 16,540 pages per hour and 200, 000 items per month. It even comes inclusive of a memory that can remember up to 35 previous jobs. Certainly one that needs to be incorporated into a larger corporation office.
  • Production volume (300,000 plus pages): Neopost AS-1000, when working in a company that requires a large amount of production you need a machine like this by your side. Its time saving flexibility goes hand in hand with the amount of volume it can produce. Providing you with productivity that will never falter.

Whether you are looking for a low volume or production volume machine you need to know that you have the best by your side. The reality is that the documentation that is being produced can often be of a sensitive nature. It is far better to have a machine that is able to seal all of the documentation for you. Even your most trusted employee might have the temptation to look at something that does not concern them. You are guaranteed that all of your secrets will remain secret with a pressure sealer machine.

Pressure sealers and so much more

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