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When does a pressure sealer become a necessity in business?

Without wanting to upset the environmentalists out there, some things have to be printed.

The paperless office is certainly an aspirational ideal, and one which we totally agree with. However, there will always be those few items that need to be physically printed on paper.

Payslips, tax forms (don’t you love those?), cheques and those little pin numbers that your bank sends to you for your new credit card.

As you can imagine just these necessary evils listed above can be incredibly time-consuming and labour intensive to manage. Prepare, print, fold, print the envelope, stuff the envelope – and then do it again because you spelt the name wrong.

There is an easier way, if you have a Pressure Sealer

For those hapless souls who spend their days in the accounts department, human resources, schools or health care – this is nothing short of a life-saver. Indeed, this valuable tool does in seconds what would ordinarily be a tedious and time consuming task.

How can a pressure sealer help your business?

If we can make something simpler and faster, then that’s what we do. This one-touch system takes away the monotony of separate printing, folding and stuffing of envelopes. In fact, many businesses making use of pressure sealers enjoy a 50% reduction in the cost of mail processing.

Sensitive documents can be sent straight from a laser printer to a pressure sealer reducing human involvement altogether. This time saving means that your staff can get on with the more important work of keeping customers happy or generating income.

Because a pressure sealed document doesn’t require an envelope, you can shave off even more in costs. This clever little machine makes use of Z, C or half folds to give you exactly the size you need.

Once your system is set up correctly, the address can be printed directly onto the form. No more window envelopes with blurry text resulting in lost or delayed mail. No more set up of non-standard envelope printing – a task which can drive even the most office worker person to the very brink of insanity. In fact, if you have the correct mailing software, you can make use of intelligent barcodes to save on postage costs.

If you are dealing with highly sensitive information, then pressure sealing is perfect for your business. Each form is self-contained with an effective sealing process – any tampering is immediately obvious. Because of the printing process there is no problem with the form going to the wrong recipient because of an incorrect address, nor the chance of two forms going into the same envelope. (It happens.)

So if you are printing a small, medium or large volume of sensitive or personal mail – or you’re simply very paranoid – then consider a pressure sealer for your business.

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