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A Pressure Sealer: The Answer To Your Office Woes

In the interests of saving time, money – and trees – we’d like to talk to you about pressure sealers.

No, it’s not an exciting subject that you’re likely to get into a heated debate when you’re down at the pub. Rather, it’s like the quiet kid at the back of the class that nobody really knows but is always there.

What is a pressure sealer anyway?

A pressure sealer is a piece of equipment which seals specialised pressure seal forms or documents. It makes use of a single page document which has a cohesive pattern on the outside margins, and when these documents are rolled through the pressure sealer they are – you guessed it – sealed together.

This high-pressure and exacting system creates a perfectly folded – ready to mail document – minus the envelope.

Documents can be folded in half, or into a C or Z-fold depending on their use and size, and shipped off to a happy recipient.

What would you need a pressure sealer for?

The most obvious use revolves around security documents, such as paychecks, statements, or personal information. There is simply no steaming open of these envelopes to peer into someone else’s information.

However, any single document mailer that needs to go out – especially when you’re sending in bulk – can be pressure sealed to save time, money, and envelopes

Depending on the volume of documents you will need to process, you have the option to choose between a smaller, low volume option which can churn through a few hundred a month or the playground bully which can spit out 8500 pages an hour. Simply add your prepared documents to the feed tray and set your fold, and the pressure sealer will fold, seal, count and stack –presenting you with a conveyor belt of perfectly prepared mailers.

In the interests of keeping your office running smoothly, and saving you time and money, Mailmech have a range of office automation products ready to ship. Contact one of our friendly teams and see what we can do for you.

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