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Perfecting Presentations with Booklet Making Machines

When it comes to streamlining your business, automating certain processes can not only save valuable time, but it will also save your business money in the long term.

A booklet making machine is a wonderful addition to any size office that requires the creation of professional-looking booklets, reports, presentations and more.

These handy machines assemble individual sheets of paper by stapling and folding them together into a booklet. Stacks of paper can either be manually fed or automatically transported via collators into the booklet making machine. Inside, where the magic happens, the paper is then jogged, stapled and folded into separate document sets while automated trimmers cut away any undesired margins or edges for a clean and crisp presentation.

Booklet making machines also come in different sizes and there are machines that are able to fit on tables and desks which won’t take up too much space and which are great for the smaller office.

Booklet Making Machine Guidelines

When choosing the right booklet making machine to suit your business, here are a few guidelines to take into consideration.

Most machines easily handle standard A4 sized paper but not all can handle larger paper sizes, so make sure you choose a booklet making machine that is best suited to your needs.

Depending on how thick you need your booklets to be, a booklet making machine typically takes into account the front and back of a folded sheet of paper. This would mean that if the machine you choose can handle 12 sheets of paper, it would be able to create a 48-page booklet.

When choosing the paper you use for your booklet creation, it is important to be aware that the thicker the paper, the fewer sheets your machine would be able to fold and staple. In this instance, you should rather choose a machine that can handle more sheets of paper.

Glossy paper can interfere with the folding process as this is done using friction and the machine’s rollers may tend to slip on the paper’s shiny surface. Make sure to find out what types of paper the booklet making machine you choose can handle.

Most booklet makers come with at least 2 staple heads which are sufficient for stapling a standard letter-size document. If your needs extend to larger paper sizes, you would then require a machine that has a least 3 stapling positions to keep everything stable.

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