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Paper folders – The latest innovation

An Image Of The Neopost DS 200 Papar Folder And InserterIt’s time that paper folders were brought into the spot light. Being the latest innovation in office technology, they are very necessary to your operations. Many people may not realise it, but sending out a lot of mail is still quite a thing and it is often the official way that businesses communicate. Perhaps one of the places where this is most applicable is that of a law firm. The mail rooms of law firms are the rooms of legend, where thousands of summons are sent out, documents mailed and so on. It is in this mail room that there is great need for some sort of postal system, as the number of human hands that are required is simply too many. So what to do? Make sure that you have some sort of technology that can help you with your paper folding.

There are of course different types of folds for different types of envelopes. There is the accordion fold which is used for pieces of paper that need to be folded in three parts. The square fold is the normal fold that is used for smaller pieces of paper that need only to be folded in half. Of course the human hand is good at folding, but nothing matches the precision of a paper folder. Also, you cannot have one person folding hundreds of letters at once. There is also a question of efficiency. Time is money and if you can get hundreds of letters folded in a matter of hours, you are saving yourself a lot of time.

So what goes on in paper folders? 

The mechanics of a paper folder are not that complex to understand. The folder works by a system of rollers. The paper gets pulled through the rollers until it buckles and folds, after which the rest of the rollers smooth it out into its perfect fold. There are also folders that use a sharp edge to strike the paper and create the impression of the fold line before the fold line itself before the paper goes through the rollers and gets smoothed out. This normally happens in a matter of seconds, so everything is very efficiently done.

The paper folder is a revolutionary product that should be in mail rooms everywhere, especially if you want to get the most out of your time. The best thing to look for in a paper folder is a quality set of rollers, as these will determine whether your letters have perfect folds or not. You can also use the paper folder to do things such as fold pay slips or other in house documentation that does not necessarily have to be sealed in an envelope.

So where do you find the best? The best in paper folding systems is definitely here at Mailing Mechanisation. A company that is always looking to step their quality and efficiency of product up.

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