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Office Automation – It’s Time To Pimp Your Processes

There’s a Cloud looming over office automation – and that’s a good thing! More and more businesses are embracing cloud computing, and it’s a trend that’s not expected to slow anytime soon. The Cloud offers numerous ways in which an office can streamline and improve so many of their processes – from information backup and data organisation to project management and collaboration.

But the Cloud isn’t the only way in which an office can look at introducing time-saving automation into their daily routines. Automating some of the more mundane tasks helps to reduce mistakes, while also freeing up your employees so they can spend time on more important work.


Day to day tasks such as paying bills, tracking transactions and receipts, and managing invoices can all be automated using one of the many accounting software tools available. Time spent researching which tools offer the services most suited to your company’s needs is a good investment. Once you’ve narrowed your choices to perhaps two or three options, sign up for the free trials offered so you get a good idea of whether or not the programme has the features you need.

Multi-function Printers (MFPs)

For a long while, the basic technology behind printers and copiers seemed to stagnate. However, recent advances in light-sensing technology, coupled with massive improvements in wireless antennae and a drop in the price of computing components, have inspired the resurgence in popularity of multi-function printers. These all-in-one machines now have increased functionality and better wifi capabilities, and yet are smaller and more affordable than ever.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With many company IT departments struggling to keep pace with frequent changes in technology, more and more employees are expressing their desire to use their own devices to access corporate data. Often, these personal smartphones, tablets and laptops are newer and more advanced than the equipment deployed by many IT departments. So, with modern office management being all about increasing efficiency so employees can get more done, an increasing number of companies are embracing the flexibility that comes with employees bringing their own devices to work.

Social Networking

Most companies now appreciate the huge marketing potential of social media and make regular posts across several channels. But keeping on top of your business’ social media activity can be a full-time job. Automating some of your posts is a great way to manage tasks that can otherwise take up a lot of time on a daily basis.

Mailmech has a wide range of products to help you organise and streamline so many of your office’s daily tasks. Talk to us today about how we can pimp your processes!

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