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Why you need letter sorters

Despite the updates in communications that include technology such as email, the postal service is still in high demand. Billions of letters are sent out every day to offices and businesses all around the world. As a result, you need to know how to handle the abundance of letters that get sent to your office on a daily basis. This is why you need letter sorters and why you need to understand how they can assist you.

Even though we work in a fast paced world where technology is constantly changing, letters are still sent by post. When running a big business, you can expect to receive more letters than that of a home owner. These letters can be addressed to the business owner, as well as to their employees. Sorting these letters out properly is therefore a necessity so as to make sure that they get to the right person.

In films, there is more often than not a scene that depicts the mail sorter walking around the office handing out the letters. This does happen in real life, too. But the question is, how do the letters get sorted correctly for the right department? This is where the magic of letter sorters comes in.

There are different sorters that have been programmed to achieve different results. Letter sorters, like the Neopost MS-9000, are the most common in small to medium sized businesses and offer the following:

  • Feeder capacity: up to 1000 envelopes
  • Envelope size – DL, C5
  • Envelope thickness: up to 4mm
  • Print resolution: up to 300×300 dpi
  • Print height: 1 inch with double head
  • Optical reading resolution: 2048 pixel (300 dpi)
  • Configurations from 2 – 30 sorting bins
  • Bin capacity: up to 400 envelope

This type of machine has been designed to make your mail sorting system that much easier to control. Small to medium enterprises that deal with mail on a daily basis can benefit from having a machine like this in the building. It will help to reduce operational costs and retain control of sorting processes that can become a daily challenge. These machines have been designed to be incorporated into medium-sized mailing businesses. However, with businesses taking over control of their own mailing systems in house, this machine can help to make the process faster.

Increase your mail’s turn over time

If you do own a mailing business, you certainly will know about letter sorters and how they can assist you. Having access to the best machinery is therefore a must. Owning a business that deals in mail delivery, consolidation and international re-mailing needs a machine that can keep up with it. The Neotel MSA-9600 is that machine. With the following features, you will cut your turn over time in half:

  • High speed accounting and weighing
  • Sorting of incoming mail by department
  • Sorting based on weight and dimensions
  • Sorting destination using OCR
  • Printing permit mail indicia
  • Processing of international mail
  • Envelope sizes: DL, C5, C4
  • Reading capability: Barcode or OCR

Getting your hands on first class machinery to assist you with all of your mail needs is easy when you come to us here at Mail Mech. For more information about our products, you can view our website

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