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What you need to know about e-fulfilment

We all know that feeling of receiving a parcel that we have been waiting for. What you may not know is the process that is undertaken to get the parcel to its desired destination. When you are a businessman getting your orders out on time is a necessity. This is what you need to know about e-fulfilment and how it can help your business.

The internet has been designed so as to make our lives easier. The partnership between e-fulfilment and the internet is therefore an important one. In fact they cannot function properly without one another. Orders can still be placed over the telephone with the parcel or shipment but it is what happens after the order is placed that makes the partnership important. Before the introduction of the internet tracking parcels and shipments could prove to be difficult. One of the main purposes of e-fulfilment is being able to track the entire process of your shipment online. From assembly to the arrival at its destination, you will be able to watch as it progresses and make sure that everything is running smoothly. E-fulfilment is also responsible for customer specific packaging, correct labelling and the shipping of products to customers in a timeless fashion.

E-fulfilment also provides businesses with the opportunity to sell its business to potential customers via the internet. Simply put, a potential client will be able to see what expertise your business is offering in regards to warehousing, delivery and other logistics. With this in place you will be able to show your potential clients why as a business that is partnered with an e-fulfilment company can guarantee quick reliable delivery. It provides a platform so that you can be put back in control of your orders. Unfortunately, the postal service has a reputation of being unreliable, which is why it is necessary to rely in these services especially when running a business. Whether you need to send a package internationally or locally you need to partner your business with an e-fulfilment company. 

What happens after an order has been placed?

After the order has been placed the company will go through the following stages, which is known as order fulfilment:

  • Receive the order and contents
  • Inventory storage
  • Order processing
  • Shipping
  • Returns processing. This will only occur in the case of an undeliverable package.

These processes can be complicated, which is why it is best to leave it up to the professionals that have the right machinery by their side. Even though this is an internet based service, machinery is still necessary to make sure that your package or shipment is taken care of properly. Machines like pressure sealers, counting and sorting machines and even address printers are critical to this process.

Here at Mail Mech we are proud to say that we supply the leading machines that assist in e-fulfilment services. When choosing a company to take on your next order, make sure that they are using one of our machines. However, if you are in the market for your own machinery you can contact us on 011 789 1608 to find out more information on how to purchase out products.

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