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Why you need folding machines

Why do you need folding machines? Well, for folding paper as precisely as possible. If you are a company that sends out a lot of mail, then you need to make sure that you have got a folding machine to do all of that work for you. Thankfully there are many types of folding machines that you can employ to help your company’s mail room out. There are certain ways in which paper can be folded. Paper can be folded with a knife or with a buckle. This is how most paper folders get their folding done, although there are some machines that use the two methods in conjunction. There are also some very high tech folding machines.

Buckle folders work by means of feeding paper through until it starts to buckle, the paper is then gripped and pulled through to the end, where it comes out neatly folded to the size that it needs to be. Knife folders work by means of a knife hitting the paper while it is between two rollers. The knife makes the fold line in the paper and rollers complete the folding motion of the paper. The pure paper folders fold by means of creating either a C fold or an accordion fold. There are pneumatic folding machines that fold the paper by sucking it into a vacuum. It seems to be the best way in which to keep lots of paper very immaculately folded.

Paper folders are however not only useful for folding. Some of them can also seal pressure sensitive paper. There are certain pieces of paper that when folded, bond together at the edges and cannot be opened again, unless manually. These are usually used on in house company documents such as pay slips and other important letters. Paper that is sealed in this way is not normally deemed safe for confidential letters that need to go through the post office.

It is imperative to have a good folding machine if you work in a busy office that send out a lot of mail. The mail rooms in most law offices need to send out tons of mail, so they need services like this, as human hands are not up to the job of lots of precise folding. You need to make sure that you have got a machine that is up to this task and that is a compatible part of your workforce.

If you want to have the best in folding machines, make sure that you have got the folding machines from Mailing Mechanisation. They are the leaders in all postal equipment and machine systems. They believe in making sure that there is a long lasting and quality partnership between them and your company. So for the competitive advantage, give them a call. For more product information, visit

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