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Why you need an envelope sealing machine

An image of the Kern K40 Plastic Wrapping SystemAre you tired of your tongue being raw from licking and sealing envelopes all day? Than you need to know why you need an envelope sealing machine. Working at a large corporation that is responsible for thousands of sealed envelopes on a daily basis means you need to get the best.

What are the benefits of having an envelope sealing machine? Quite simply it will save you a lot of time and money. Making sure that your sealed envelopes get out on time is extremely important. What most people don’t realise is that they are not the only person receiving that specific piece of mail, the contents may be different but it comes from the same place. Your water and electricity bills will come from one main service provider. This service provider is responsible for sending everyone who uses their services, their monthly bill. Imagine that company having to sit there and lick each and every envelope shut. It is impossible, which is why it is necessary to have an envelope sealing machine in place even if you do not work at a mailing company. You will be able to get your letters out on time, every time. It will also ensure that any private documentation remains private, once the envelope is sealed only the recipient will be able to see its contents.

There is only one envelope sealing machine that you should get at your place of work; the Mercure IR Envelope Sealer. It has the following features:

  • Can produce 18, 000 envelopes per hour and up to 500, 000 items per month
  • Is an automatic machine that will complete the job at hand on its own. The operator simply needs to stack the prepared envelopes into the feeder and press a button.
  • Can take a variety of different sized envelopes between 90 and 250 mm
  • Has a low noise level
  • Comes equipped with an envelope hopper and internal counter
  • Is able to maintain its speed and produce accurate results in a timeless fashion.

This machine is certainly one that can assist you with getting your sealed envelopes to their destination quickly. It is certainly a necessity if you need to seal thousands of envelopes on a daily basis.

Mailing systems that will assist you with any job

There are so many different mailing solutions out there to choose from. These solutions and machines have been designed to increase productivity in the work place. Now that you know all about the envelope sealing machine you need to learn about other systems that can assist you. Folding the documents to go inside the envelopes is another task in itself. Having a reliable folding machine to do this for you will be a great help, especially when it comes to documents with a large amount of pages. You can choose between a low, medium or high volume folding machine to get the job done quickly.

For all of your mailing solutions you need to come to us at Mail Mech. We understand how important productivity is which is why we supply only the best.

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