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How Lowest-Cost Routing Can Benefit Your Business

If your organisation has interconnections to other networks then you’ll be pleased to know you can significantly reduce your telecoms costs by selectively routing all your calls, emails and SMS messages through the network that offers the lowest per call cost at the time.

Known as Lowest (or Least) Cost Routing (LCR), the process works by creating a routing table that matches telephone dial codes with a list of destination networks ranked according to their call costs. There may be thousands of possible routes, which is why it takes specialised software to create, automate and manage the process efficiently. Your outbound calls – both local and international – are then re-routed so that they connect through the cheapest pre-selected network provider.

In South Africa, as with many countries, the telecoms market is extremely competitive, yet many people are still paying between 20 and 30 percent more than they should be for their outbound calls. Using LCR means you can enjoy significantly lower costs and enhanced customer service – all without having to change the existing lines into your premises.

With Lowest-Cost Routing you get reduced call rates to all global destinations, without sacrificing call quality. It’s also possible to register local cell phone numbers to your LCR service, meaning you can make international calls from those registered numbers for the same price as if you were calling from a landline.

Lowest-Cost Routing is extremely important for those people who use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols). In order to compete equally with more traditional landline operators, VoIP providers need to ensure crystal clear voice calls with minimal if any delays. This is where LCR can significantly increase call quality while reducing call costs – especially for international calls.

Other benefits include:

  • No installation costs
  • Works with every telephone and/or fax line
  • No need to change your existing telephone numbers
  • No site visit required

The type of service you choose can be customised to suit your channel routing priorities, although there are also predefined options available. At Mailmech, we offer a range of email and other electronic solutions and would love to chat to you about how Lowest-Cost Routing can help your business save money. Get in touch today.

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