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Letter Openers Versus Paper Knives – What Is The Difference?

If you operate a small business and receive two items of mail per week, then you can stop reading. However, if you come in every day to find your desk covered in an array of envelopes requiring your attention, then we need to talk.

The terms letter openers and paper knives are often used interchangeably to refer to an item used to open an envelope. However, there is a big difference between the two, which we shall discover in a moment.

Paper knives were used in the days when books for made by printing presses and a little blade was used to separate pages for reading. A longer – blunter – instrument evolved from the paper knife to open envelopes. Let’s face it, picking at the corner of a stubborn rectangle to somehow pry off the lip which has been glued on with a combination of super glue and magic, is no-one’s idea of fun.

While there is a certain satisfaction to be had when slicing the top off an obstinate envelope, it’s going to get pretty darn boring after the 50th envelope is done.

Enter the automatic letter opener.

Available in various sizes and speeds to cater for a variety of volumes, the automatic letter opener is the answer to every office person’s dream.

Simply place the bag of unopened mail in the receiving tray and let the letter opener do the rest. Letters of all shapes and sizes are fed toward an efficient blade system which can open your envelopes on one, two or three sides – depending on your choice of machine. This low noise, highly efficient, and totally uncomplaining machine turns a tedious task into something that gets done while you make your coffee.

The point of office automation is to save you time. So, if envelope opening is a major event in your office – stop!

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