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How letter folders work

How do letter folders work? These amazing machines that can take thousands of sheets of paper and turn them into perfectly folded letters with ease and grace. These machines are instrumental in many mail rooms and company offices, as there is simply too much room for error if human hands do all the folding. Company mail is supposed to have a very sharp look to it and this can only be achieved by the magic of the paper folder. Making sure that you know how a paper folder can work though is simply good business practice, especially if you want to avoid accidents and other unpleasant things from happening.

A paper folder is comprised of a feeding tray, a set of rollers and a striking implement. The striking implement is machine specific. What happens in most folding machines is that there is a feeder tray on which the papers get placed. They then get pulled through the first set of rollers where they either buckle or get their fold line struck. After this, they are put through the second set of rollers where they are folded into their perfect shapes. Thereafter they get put into an exit tray where they can be sorted into envelopes. If you are dealing with self-adhesive paper, then most of your job is done at this point.

There are a few things that you should be aware of when you are using a paper folder. The first is to not run it too fast. The ramifications of this will be paper jams, which your operator could spend hours fixing, slowing up the work flow. You should also be aware to maintain the rollers and make sure that they are clean, as this is a big part of proper operations. If you don’t have well maintained rollers, you will also potentially find yourself with paper that is not being folded properly

Why you should have a letter folder

If you have got a large mailing department, you should make sure that you have one of these amazing devices, simply because it can change the way that you do things for the better. You can send out so many more letters that you would be able to if you didn’t have one. These are the backbone of any mail room and if you are sending out a lot of mail on a day to day basis, you should definitely have one of these. Make sure that you get one from the very best though, as you will be hard pressed to find true quality.

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