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Kern South Africa – Quality beyond compare

Kern South Africa LogoWhen it comes to Kern South Africa, you can trust that you will be getting quality beyond compare. This company is the leader when it comes to production mail solutions. A wide range of services such as document mail finishing, plastic card systems, electronic document management, as well as disaster recovery solutions, means that no matter what you need, you will be able to get it. Apart from being such a great provider, they are also a hundred percent dedicated to quality of product. Quality is an integral part of any Kern service.

The most important person is of course always the customer, and this is true for every single one of the services provided by this company. Their product is continually evolving to better suit the needs of customers by a process of customer feedback, innovative participation as well as employee participation. This gives way to a very creative and flexible environment, where designing the best products for you is easily achievable and delivering high end customer solutions is the norm.

Kern South Africa And the manifesto of excellence

An image of the Kern K40 Plastic Wrapping System

The Kern K40 Plastic Wrapping System

Excellence is not just something that is evident in the process of manufacturing the system solutions. It is evident in the final products themselves. With a heavy focus on compliance, all Kern systems are ISO certified and have been since the year 1998. In order to regulate the type of quality that should always be present, we have also made sure that there is a ISO 9001:2000 compliant quality management system. With this system in place, you can be sure that every single one of our products is very rigorously monitored and that only the best systems make it out into the public.

When you buy a system, your mind should be at ease. You should never have to worry about whether or not your system will cause problems, and this is a big part of our guarantee. We like to guarantee peace of mind through excellence.

Apart from the great quality control systems that are in place, the one thing that you will find, is a team of highly trained engineers that are all trained to make use of the Six-Sigma methodology. This is another revolutionary way of ensuring that all the products that are designed, have got a standard set of quality tests they need to pass, to ensure efficiency and usability. This methodology is also used to improve machine performance, or reduce cost in certain areas where it is necessary.

Here at Kern, we want to make sure that every single product we make has got the same high standards. In this way, we aim to foster long lasting partnership’s that are based on quality and reliability.

From Kern production mailing systems to the Kern K40 Plasic Wrapping Machine, or the Kern Card Processing Systems, Mailing Mechanisation have a range of products from Kern South Africa.

Want to get hold of these systems for your business? Make sure that you give Mailing Mechanisation a call.

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