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The ins and outs of paper folding equipment

An image of the neopos DS65 Paper folding equipmentEver wanted to know the ins and outs of paper folding equipment? Apart from the fact that this type of equipment is completely revolutionary, maintaining it can be quite a task. Every paper folder should have a technician making sure that it is being used properly. There are multiple issues that can crop up when these machines are used a lot, but more on that later. The primary purpose of paper folding equipment is to make sure that your letters get folded exactly how they are supposed to, in a fast and efficient manner. There are many companies that have got fully operational mail rooms, all of which need paper folding equipment. Folding machines make sure that letters get folded precisely and look professional. This is important, because any type of mail that goes out is a representation of the company and its image.

At a more operational level, the paper folding machines are comprised of a series of rollers and in some of them have got a sharp implement in them for striking a fold line in the paper. There are some that go a step further and also have a stamp within, for printing the company logo.

The golden rules for paper folding equipment operation 

One of the things that most people do not realise is that there is an operator that needs to run the machines. This operator needs to know exactly how fast to run the machine and how many letters to put in at one in order to avoid paper jams and incorrectly folded letters. Too often, people think that running their machines flat out will give them better results than running batches of letters through in stages. The opposite of this is true. In order to have a successful fold you need to run batches of letters through at medium speed. Every folder has a feeding tray and if the letters become jammed in the feeding tray, you will have some real problems when it comes to trying to get all of the jammed piece of paper out of the machine.

The next thing you have to make sure of is that the feeder tray rollers are always maintained properly. They are responsible for getting the letters into the correct rollers. This is crucial, as the rollers will determine what type of fold the letter gets, so of course you need to be spot on with this, and keeping the feeder tray working is an integral part of this. Your operator needs to be trained in the art of keeping the machine running smoothly.

In order to get the best fold, you need to buy the best quality. The best paper folding machines are available from Mailing Mechanisation. They will help keep your mail room stocked with the best of the best in terms of equipment.

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