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How Do Folding And Inserting Machines Work?

If you’ve ever had to spend hours hand-folding and creasing papers and then manually inserting them into envelopes, you’ll know what a time-consuming and tedious task it is. A folding and inserting device can take all the pain out of this job for you.

Folding and inserting machines are specifically designed to fold paper and automatically insert it into an envelope. Depending on the model and make of the machine, some also seal the envelope after it’s been stuffed. By eliminating virtually all the manual labour involved in the process, these machines help make life a lot easier!

Benefits of Folding And Inserting Machines

In addition to saving you considerable time and effort, folding and inserting machines have several other benefits as well, including:

  • Sort and organise your mail so that it looks neat and professional.
  • Batch fold, sort and insert mail into envelopes for one client so that it can be sent out in time.
  • Offer a consistency that is virtually impossible to obtain with manual folding and inserting. Human error can mean addresses not properly aligned in the envelope window, folds that aren’t straight and envelopes that aren’t completely sealed.
  • Accuracy – most modern folding and inserting machines have quite advanced security features to prevent errors, including double document detection and barcode matching. This virtually eliminates the possibility of errors occurring.

Which Machine Do I Need?

Different machines are better suited for different tasks, so it’s worth investigating the various models available, depending on what you want your machine to do. The smaller folding and inserting machines can fill in the region of 1300 envelopes an hour and can fold A4 paper into DL and C5 envelopes. The larger machines can easily fill between 2200 and 2400 envelopes an hour and can handle documents of almost any size, including postcards. Some models are also powerful enough to fold and insert multiple documents in one envelope.

Mail Mech stocks a wide range of entry-level, small, medium and large folding and inserting machines, so there’s one to suit every purpose. Chat with us today for advice and more information.

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