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Hot plastic never looked so good. Why use a laminator?

There are more people out there than we realise who get terribly excited about a laminator.

Yes, there is a chance that they are of the nerd variety. It is possible that they have four cats, every episode of Star Trek (of every season), and a Darth Vader mask at the back of their cupboard. They are also likely to have pens – lots and lots of pens.

But in all reality, there is something deeply satisfying about putting a thing (anything!) into a little plastic pouch and it comes out all MI5-ish.

Nerdy excitement to one side, who needs a laminator, in the real world?

Teachers. Teachers need laminators on a daily basis, and we would even go so far as to say that every teacher needs a laminator in their home. Flash cards, bookmarks, name tags – the list is almost endless. A document small enough to clasp in sweaty little hands and is in any way bendable, can and should be laminated for its own protection.

Moms need a laminator in much the same way as they need to breathe in and out. Household chore checklists, recipe cards, pantry inventory, lunch lists, schedules and an emergency evacuation plan (yes, these things exist) all benefit from being made to last.

Offices that issue security cards or visitor’s passes absolutely need to laminate these important little documents. Temporary signs also benefit from a hardy film of plastic – especially those ones in the public bathrooms encouraging personal hygiene habits.

School-going children or in fact, students of any age, will find that their study schedule and important notes, separators and projects will last and look amazing when covered in plastic.

Many families have taken copies of their important documents such as IDs, marriage certificates, death certificates and qualifications, and have laminated them for safe keeping.

The true beauty of a laminating machine is its ease of use. Simply plug it in, pop the kettle on while it’s warming up, and you’re ready to go. This cheap, easy and slightly nerdy addition to your stationery collection will serve you well for years to come.

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