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When It Comes To Mailouts, A Glue Fold Sealer Seals The Deal!

You might think that in an increasingly digital world, the humble posted mail item is, if not already dead, then certainly dying. I mean, who has time to open envelopes and read post when we’re social media-ing and video calling, right?

Wrong. Really wrong, actually.

In the marketing world, direct mail is the still the most effective medium, with a 5.1% response rate from consumers. This is compared to .6% from email, .6% from paid search, .2% from online display and .4% from social media. In bottom-line terms, this means that, in the US, for every $167 spent on direct mail, marketers sell $2095 worth of goods.

All of which means that post is definitely not dead. It’s very much alive and kicking and making its presence felt. Which is why a machine such as a glue fold sealer is a seriously useful bit of kit.

What Is A Glue Fold Sealer?

A glue fold sealer takes a computer-generated document and folds, seals, perforates and glues it, ready to be mailed out. It’s ideal for direct mailers and any other company where data processing is used to produce one-piece mailers. It can glue and fold plain sheets of paper, turning them into application blanks, self-mailers and other mailouts – all without the need for pre-glued paper or envelopes.

Glue fold sealers can handle up to 20 000 pages per hour! That’s about a million items every month. All fold types- Z, C and Half – can be processed using this versatile machine, and you can also use it for processing tax documents, announcements and virtually any other single-page business communication document.

Most glue fold sealers can be programmed to accept international and local paper sizes, but usually have a minimum capability size of 210mm x 154mm and a maximum of 210mm x 508mm.

Mailing Mechanism is the proud stockist of the Glue Fold 504, a highly versatile, high capacity glue fold sealer machine that makes an indispensable addition to your office. To find out more, contact us today.

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