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How can franking machines improve your company branding?

Does your company branding stop at your reception sign?

To carry through the message that your company wants to convey, and to remain truly memorable, you want your logo or business message to be stamped onto all your correspondence with your clients. (And prospective clients!)

Many companies do this by having their logo or company slogan printed onto the envelopes when they send correspondence to their clients, or when they launch a direct marketing campaign.

But this is not just the domain of large corporate entities. Even small businesses can afford to use this clever branding technique by using a franking machine with a slogan block functionality.

Many of the mid-range franking machines offer 10 slogan blocks, which is essentially free advertising on your envelope.

Making use of this white space is what smart business people do. They know that brand recognition is something that must be a continual part of their business growth, and therefore needs to saturate all their dealings with their customers.

To truly benefit from these slogan blocks on your envelopes, consider the following:

Make sure your logo is relevant

A simple design that depicts what you do makes for a great logo. Pay close attention to the colours that you use as these directly affect the message that you want to convey.

Make sure it’s easy to read.

Keep your slogan simple and short, and in a font that is easy to read at a glance. Confusing your potential customers with vague references or in-jokes won’t help your cause.

Don’t tell them everything

With the attention span of the average consumer plummeting, you need to keep your message concise. A sentence like, “Visit our showroom and check out our amazing bedding specials”, can be better conveyed as, “Amazing bedding specials”.

These small additions to your client communication, or to your direct mail campaigns, will pay dividends down the line.

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