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Franking Sense – Having Your Own Franking Machine Will Save You Money

Although much business communication is conducted via email these days, the good old-fashioned postal letter is still very much alive and well – in fact, according to the U.S. Postal Service, around 140 billion envelopes are sent through the mail worldwide every year!

If you were to work out how much it cost to post all those letters, bills, invoices, statements and other envelopes, it would add up to, well, quite a lot!

And while we know your business is only responsible for mailing a fraction of that huge total number, we’re willing to bet that if you calculated how much your company spends annually on postage, you would be surprised at how high that number is.

So naturally, if you could save even just a few cents on each and every envelope you put in the mail, it would result in a not insignificant saving over the course of a year.

Franking machines can do this for you.

What Are Franks?

Franks are basically anything that enables a letter or parcel to be sent through the post. Postage stamps, labels, postal stationery, signatures and codings are all examples of franks. Franking is the process of “branding” your envelope with the information it needs to navigate its way through the postal system and arrive at its destination. A franking machine is the tool that puts this information on your letter or parcel.

How Does A Franking Machine Save Money?

Franking machines are not new. In fact, they’ve been around for almost 100 years. Although technology has advanced considerably during this time, meaning today’s franking machines perform a much greater variety of tasks than in days gone by, two things have stayed the same: saving you money and saving you time.

On average, franking machines save you around four percent on your postal costs. If you’re a company that sends out a lot of mail, this could translate into quite a tidy sum!

There are several other advantages too:

  • Faster Post – Franked mail is date sensitive, meaning it has to be processed the same day. And while with stamped post, someone has to manually check that the correct stamps have been placed on the envelope, franked post moves through the system automatically.
  • Marketing – franking machines give you the option of adding marketing messages or your company’s logo to your mail.
  • Security – with a franking machine, there’s no need to have rolls of stamps (which are basically cash) lying around.

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