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What is a folding and inserting machine?

An image of The Neopost DS1200 Paper Folding And Inserting Machines

The Neopost DS1200 Paper Folding And Inserting Machines

What is a folding and inserting machine? It is the answer to all of your mail room woes. Folding every letter that comes out of the paper folder can be very work intensive and not in a way that is productive or beneficial for you. If you run a busy company that has got a lot of mail that needs to go out, then what you need to make sure you do is to get a folding and inserting machine. These nifty machines get all of the work done for you that you would otherwise need a team to do.

So what do folding and inserting machines help you to do? They help you to sort and organise your mail in a way that looks professional and neat. You can get your folding jobs done a lot quicker. You can also ensure that if there is a batch of mail that needs to go out to a certain client, you can do a singular run of that batch and have it all neatly folded out so that you can get it to your client in a timeous fashion. You can also make sure that you manage the content that goes out in a more efficient way, as well as getting to your clients on time.

Know your folding machines

Before you invest in a folding machine, it is important to know which one you would like to have. You need to get to know them individually and then choose.

  • DS-35 folder inserter. This small, low volume folder inserter is exactly what you need if you run a small company. This machine will help you fold A4 paper into DL and C5 envelopes. It can fill up to 1350 envelopes per hour, put three documents in the envelope and it has a very easy to use interface. This will greatly reduce the workload of your mail room staff.
  • DS-63 folder inserter. This folder inserter can fill up to 2200 enveloped per hour and it can handle almost any size document, including postcards. It can also measure the envelopes and put the letters in the correctly sized one.
  • DS-65 folder inserter. Fills up to 2400 envelopes an hour, and can handle up to 250 documents being placed in its feeder tray at once. It has PowerFold technology which means that it can support up to 8 documents in one envelope. This is the folder to end all folders. If you do not have one in your company, this is definitely the document that you want to have.

Whenever you are looking for a mail system, make sure that the company selling it has a history with quality and system management. If so, then you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality from them. The way in which your mail is given out is a representation of your company standards, so make sure that you represent them accordingly.

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