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Everything you ever wanted to know about bursters

If you want to run a successful mailing room you need to have the best technology by your side. This includes having bursters. You are about to discover everything you ever wanted to know about bursters.

What are bursters? They are machines that are able to separate continuous-form paper. They are available in three different volumes, low, medium and high. Depending on how busy your mailing room is will determine what type or burster you need to have. Getting a burster will help in situations where you are required to print a large document continuously, instead of having separate pieces of paper the pages will all be attached. This in turn makes the document easier to fold and keep in place. You will no longer have to worry about losing important documentation because it is spread out on separate pieces of paper.

Now that you know what a burster is you need to figure out which volume of machine will best suit your needs:

  • Low volume: this machine can process speeds of 0-200 feet per minute.  It comes inclusive of a central slitter, cylinders for 2-up printing, tri-colour ink roll and a static eliminator. It also has safety interlocks for the conveyor. This type of machine is best used in a smaller office and can function for 5 hours straight 5 days a week.
  • Medium volume: this machine can process speeds of 15-350 feet per minute and can handle forms that are 17 inches long. It comes inclusive of extra-wide margin trimmers, photo-cell counter as well as all the other features of the small volume machines. It is also better suited to a small to medium enterprise as although it can take on larger volumes than the small volume machine, it still can only be on for 5 hours per day, 5 days a week.
  • High volume: this machine can operate at speeds that are up to 500 feet per minute. It has all of the same specifications as the small and medium volume machines but is able to handle larger orders. This machine can be used for 7 hours a day over 7 days.

Getting bursters installed at your business is only the beginning. In order to run a smooth operation you need to figure out exactly what is missing from your offices. There are so many mailing solutions to choose from that you can definitely make sure that your needs are met. Some of the mailing solutions you should also consider getting are:

  • Envelope sealers
  • Document scanners
  • Envelope counters
  • Address printers
  • Folding and inserting machines
  • Pressure sealers
  • Shredders
  • Binders

Mailing solutions at your fingertips

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