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Envelope printers – The latest machine for business

Time management is necessary when running a business. In fact you want to have the most efficient technology at your fingertips. Sending out mail can take time especially if you have hand written addresses on every envelope. The latest machine for business are envelope printers.

Envelope printers are also known as address printers. The name pretty much says it all. These machines have been programmed to be able to take in a high volume of envelopes and print addresses on them. This might not sound particularly life changing but you would be surprised. Before envelope printers were introduced to the business world, each address would have to be hand written. This took time and subsequently the person who was assigned the task would suffer. Can you imagine having to write individual addresses on over 10,000 envelopes? It is mundane and painful, luckily you no longer have to employ someone to do this for you. Instead you can simply purchase an address/envelope printer.

Another advantage to this technology is its accuracy. At one point or another you have probably received mail that was not for you. This is because the address was written wrong, whether it be the entire address or one single digit mistake. The problem with these incidents is the fact that private information could be put in the hands of a stranger and it is a time wasting inconvenience. The postal service can have issues with time management as it is, add into equation envelopes with the wrong address and your important documentation can get lost in the depths of the mail room. With an address printer you can avoid this scenario. It will print the address on the envelope perfectly every single time. Messy handwriting will no longer cause your mail to arrive in weird and wonderful locations. All you need to do is program the printer with the correct information and watch as it prints over 10,000 perfectly placed addresses.

There are a variety of different machines on the market to choose from. When making your choice you need to take the following into equation. How big is your business? If you are running a small to medium enterprise you need a low to medium volume machine. If you are the owner of a large corporation that requires over a 100,000 envelopes to be addressed than you need to get a large volume machine.

The machines have the following specifications:

  • Low volume, which can produce 0-60,000 envelopes
  • Medium volume, which can produce 60,000-150,000 envelopes
  • Large volume, which can produce 150,000 plus envelopes

Regardless of what type of business you run, it would be more than beneficial to get an envelope printer. You will be amazed at how much time and money you save.

Solutions for all of your mailing needs

There are other areas in which you will need technology to assist you with your mail needs. Here at Mail Mech we supply machinery that can assist you with all of these projects, including envelope printers. For more information on what we can do for you visit our website

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