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Email Tracking Software: Taking The Guesswork Out Of Growing Your Business.

We’ve all been told how our goals need to be measurable in order to be effective. What about our business goals? Are our marketing efforts paying off?

The benefits of email tracking are hard to ignore.

It sounds less like stalking when you consider what email tracking software actually does for your business.

Consider this: You send a guy out onto the street to hand out flyers. He comes back 2 hours later having distributed 1000 branded flyers into the marketplace. And so, you wait for the clients to come beating down your door. And you wait…

There is simply no way you can know how effective your campaign was; how many people threw the flyer away? How many lost it? How many took it to get rid of the insistent chap at their window?

Email tracking, however, allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign, and adjust it along the way. Just like Google, FaceBook, and other large and successful business models, information about your audience is vital.

Email tracking gives you access to the following audience data.

  • Who are they?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they find interesting?
  • How relevant are your emails to them?
  • When are they online?

If you have solid evidence that a particular special offer works better than another, then it’s an easy step to maximise this effective offer, and build on it. It simply takes the guesswork out of growing your business.

The data collected by email tracking software makes your marketing far more effective, far more relevant, and much cheaper.

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