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Email security – easy tips to stay safe

Cyber crime is becoming more and more of an issue – and not just for large corporates.

Any one of us who login to our online banking, our email, or access any other sensitive data from a networked computer are at risk.

But before you get panicky and retreat to your cabin in the woods, it has to be said that it’s actually not that easy to hack into someone else’s computer. Yes, there certainly are very clever, hoodie-wearing hackers who can (and do) bring down secure sites with a little fancy finger work. However, unless you are a prominent politician, or sitting with millions in the bank, then you are an unlikely target of these high-level criminals.

What you do have to be wary of, however, is being trapped – which is not actually the same as being hacked.

Some of the most common traps used to gain access to your personal information and email accounts are well-documented. And thankfully, pretty easy to avoid.

Coming out on top is website spoofing. Also known as phishing, a popular website (such as your web email provider or your bank) is cloned to look almost identical to the real thing. You then enter your username and password into the “usual” field and voila – they have your details.

How do you avoid phishing or website spoofing? Simple – never give your username and password away to anyone – ever – on email, sms, or by any other means. Never follow a link to your banking or email providers’ webpage, but rather type out the url yourself. In fact, there should never be any reason for you to give anyone a secure password, so don’t do it.

Accessing your email from cyber cafes or any other public place can be risky too. Keylogger software can easily be installed on this computer without your knowledge. This spyware captures all your keystrokes and allows a wily criminal access to your personal details.

While we never want to spread panic or alarm, it is good to be aware. Here at Mailmech we offer our clients secure online protection for their business email. If you would like to know more then give us a call on 011 789-1608.

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