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Don’t Get Left Behind – Email Solutions for Every Business

We are in the business of automating your office. We offer a range of exciting – and not so exciting – products which make your life easier. Faster. And less painful.

But we have to tip our hat to the mother of all automation – the system that has changed the business world more than all others. Email.

While some may argue that the single cup espresso maker should be right up there on this list of key innovations, we have the facts on our side. In today’s slightly frantic business market, you are now just one click away from pretty much anyone in the world.

No more soggy hand-written letters. No more “the cheque is in the mail.” … And no more exhausted mailmen dumping your letters in a ditch and going home for tea. No – email is the solution. And it has proven its worth. Email is easy, quick, and sure to get to the other side. (Mostly.)

Email is being used more and more in marketing. Exact Target tells us that 77% of consumers prefer to receive (permission-based) marketing via email. Does it work, though? The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that email ad revenue reached $156m in 2012. And it’s been growing.

Why are we giving you all these numbers and clever facts? Simple. You may be using email … but are you making the most of it?

We offer our clients many email solutions. Do you need interactive emails for your latest campaign or survey? Or do you want to standardise the emails that your staff send out? We can help.

We offer standard or dynamic HTML email formats. We ensure that your emails are secure and your company is safe. Our email solutions let you expire or lock a message – all with the touch of a button.

Are you planning an exciting marketing campaign? Then we can help with bulk emails, tracking, reporting, and monitoring. Knowing what’s working (and what isn’t) is a key marketing tool. And we can show you quickly and easily what has been delivered and opened – or where errors have been thrown up. We can track your message securely – giving you the confidence that your marketing budget is being well spent.

Our team know the compliance issues related to email communication. Some countries have strict laws in place to slow down the avalanche of spam that fills our inboxes. And it’s vital to conform.

But you don’t need to know any of this. Simply give us a call and we can handle these little headaches for you – and you can get on with your real job. (And making great coffee with your single cup espresso maker.)

Call us on 011 789-1608 or visit us at and let us help you find easy email solutions for your business.

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