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Do We Really Need Functions For Our Office Automation?

Are you using your time and money as efficiently as possible in your business? Or are both leaking through the cracks in your processes … and costing you thousands in cash, productivity, and plain old frustration? Most business owners get the idea that pennies make pounds – but how does this apply to your office functions? Are office automation systems only for big corporates and government departments? Or could office automation be just the solution YOUR business needs?

Look closely at the numbers. You will see how shaving off a little here and a little there can make a big impact on your bottom line. Shorter phone calls, a cheaper paper supplier – they all add up. Any successful business owner will tell you not to ignore the little things. And while this often relates to money, it can also impact other areas of your business.

Here are some interesting facts for you to think about.

Did you know that in a survey of 1000 middle managers, Accenture noted that 59% miss vital information every day because … they cannot find it?

95% of all information is still processed in paper form at some point – with employees printing an average of 45 sheets per day.

15% of all paper handled in business is lost, according to the Delphi Group.

And 30% of all employees’ time is spent trying to find lost documents!

Further to that, executives waste 6 weeks every year searching for lost documents. Do you think these companies have proper systems in place?

While email and online systems can – and do – help, the facts are still scary.

Mailmech is in the business of saving you time and money. Our automated systems take the frustration out of necessary, everyday tasks. If you are processing a lot of paperwork, then you will benefit from a sorting and counting system. Folding machines, letter openers and address printers save our customers thousands of ‘people’ hours. Even the humble paper jogger can do in seconds what would take your poor secretary a maddening 10 minutes … per document!

Freeing up your staff to do the jobs that they were employed to do – instead of fighting with the printer, or trying to bind a stack of uncooperative papers – will increase productivity. And that means increased morale. A happy office is a productive office, and a productive office is a happy one.

Your business can retain its competitive lead when your staff use their time efficiently. In fact, when you add up the time spent on necessary, but easily automated tasks, you may not even need so many bodies in your office.

In addition to the time and money benefits, you will be thrilled at the quality of documentation produced. Our binders and booklet makers can churn out quality documents at high speed, for a truly professional look.

Take a look through our product range and find out how you can automate office systems and save valuable time and money.

Give us a call on 011 789-1608 or visit us at and let us solve your problems today.

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