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Document Composition Means More Personalised Communication With Your Customers

Today’s consumers are better educated and more computer savvy than ever before. They frequently conduct thorough research online before buying anything other than day to day groceries, and they have abundant brands from which to choose. It’s undeniably a customer-centric world out there, and competition is fierce. It costs little, in terms of money, time and effort, to change brands or service providers. This is why it’s more important than ever that your customer service and satisfaction levels are off-the-charts high. With a large proportion of interaction with customers being document-based, it’s critical that dynamic document composition solutions are a key part of your customer care strategy.

What Is Document Composition?

Essentially, document composition is the process of streamlining the creation and production of all the documents your business needs. It does this by taking the documents you use regularly and converting them into interactive, intuitive and intelligent templates. By eliminating many of the normal manual processes, document composition lowers production costs, speeds up production time, and improves document accuracy.

Using document composition means your business can produce personalised, complex documents without employees having to spend hours keying in specific customer data. How does it do this? Essentially, it takes all the information learned from customers during real-time interaction with them and leverages it to generate personalised customer correspondence. It also enables you to use a centralised template to ensure a consistent brand identity. You can also respond to your customers in their preferred format – printed, fax or email, for example.

So is document composition the same as document automation? In a word, no – although the two are related. Document automation actually combines document management solutions with dynamic document composition.

How Does Document Composition Work?

Document composition software prompts you to enter the information required to complete the document and uses rules-based logic to calculate which questions to ask. It then links to existing databases, which minimises the amount of data that needs to be entered. This means the equipment can be used effectively with minimal training or specialised skills.

Document composition solutions can be used for such documents as:

  • Letters
  • Proposals
  • Confirmations
  • Notifications
  • Claims status reports
  • Policies
  • Policyholder statements

Why Mailmech?

At Mailmech, we offer document composition solutions for:

  • Merging and consolidating documents
  • Personalised/Targeted customer documents
  • Dynamic look and feel (Not one size fits all)
  • Interactive documents
  • White space management
  • Design web-interface (with Workflow)
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Generate any output stream (AFP, Postscript, Xerox Metacode, PDF, HTML, XAML)
  • Single design and generation engine


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