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Digital Archiving Made Easy

You know those boxes that fold out into special archive vessels? The ones which are in every office, occupying every available space, and tripping up the unwary? They have phrases like “1998 – 2004 Rbx Svr 26” appear on the side, written in red ink by what appears to be a very angry 3-year old.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that these space-creeping, very ugly, bug infested boxes are now (almost) obsolete. Archiving data is vital for most businesses. But now, there is an easier way.

Mailmech doesn’t just offer franking machines and booklet makers. No, in the interests of keeping our clients abreast with the delicious taste of modern technology, we now offer an archiving service.

Digital archiving is a very easy way to save the info that you need to save in a safe – and accessible – place. Some info needs to be saved for a finite number of years … some for decades. And putting all your data in a digital format makes all the sense in the world.

What if your data is highly sensitive? What if a potential leak could cause all kinds of trouble for you or your clients? Our archiving system encrypts the stored files. Your data, emails, financial records – and embarrassing office party pictures – are all secreted away.

Voice, images, and video are quickly saved in a reliable digital format. This is great news for those who need to refer to voice files – such as recorded phone calls. It’s also good news if you have to keep CCTV or any other surveillance footage for any length of time.

We allow you to define your own taxonomy. Which is just a fancy way of saying that you get to tell us how you would like your files to be saved or classified. It means that you always know how to find your own archived data as and when you need it.

The access rules are set by you so that staff don’t get to see what they shouldn’t. You decide how long you need to retain this info, and we assist you with all the security details you may need.

Cloud storage is used more and more in business today. And it makes sense to use the cloud for archiving. It is a cost effective and secure way to make sure that you don’t lose essential data.

There are other benefits too. Removing inactive data from your servers increases their performance and reduces backup time (and risk). Saving your data in a digital format also allows you access to old files when you need them. Big data analysis is big business – and these valuable bits of info have proven very important in today’s market.

So if you are in the legal or medical industry – or you just need a safe and easy way to store old data – then give us a call. We can assist you with archiving your critical data – and getting rid of those boxes.

Call us on 011 789-1608 or visit us at for more information.

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