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Counting machines – Making your life easier

There are some instances during the year where you want to be bombarded with letters, Christmas or your Birthday come to mind. However, if you are fortunate to receive a lot sorting through them can be a nightmare. This is what some postal businesses have to deal with on a daily basis. If you are involved in the postal industry than you need to know how counting machines can make your life easier.

Some people might be under the impression that the postal service is no longer needed. With technology such as email, why bother sending letters via the post? Well it is certainly necessary for some industries. It is a reliable source that is used by most companies to bill their clients every month, a paper trail is still necessary these days. These companies, especially the large corporations, send out millions of letters every single year. Which is why it is necessary to treat the letters with care and make sure that they reach their destination on time and safely. This is where counting machines come in. These machines have been designed to count the number of (mixed weight) mail pieces in a postal tray. What’s more is that they can achieve this without removing the mail from the tray. Why is this so important you might ask? Well this machine will ultimately help you to control the output of your mail room, while also assisting in the receipt of the mail pieces. This might sound like a simple process but when you are dealing with thousands of letters of all different shapes and sizes, doing this by hand would take a very long time.

Ultimately, using counting machines will greatly help to increase productivity and time management. One of the best counting machines to have by your side is the Neopost EC-500. This machine offers the following specifications:

  • Has a 0.5% precision on average
  • Uses a LCD touchscreen
  • Can hold up to 15kg per tray
  • Size: 156 x 140 x 80cm
  • You can get an optional, weighing platform, 1D barcode reader and Data export and reporting

This machine it certainly the best one to have by your side if you want to make counting and sorting your letters that much easier.

Counting machines are only the beginning

When it comes to running a successful mail room, regardless of its size, you need to have the very best machinery by your side. Counting machines are only the beginning. You also need to consider getting your hands on the following pieces of machinery:

  • Letter Openers
  • Production mailing systems
  • Address printers
  • Envelope sealers
  • Folding and inserting machines

The question is where can you go to get all of these machines? There is only one company that you should consider. Here at Mail Mech we take mailing seriously and have all of these amazing machines on offer. Our machines are reliable and are available in a variety of different makes. For more information on our products visit our website

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