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What are card mailers?

Are you struggling to make your business stand out? Looking for that something extra to make an impression? Then you need to know what card mailers are. Although we live in a technology based generation, it is still imperative to have business cards to hand out to potential clients. Card Mailers are the reason why business cards are possible.

Card Mailers are machines that have been designed to be able to process and create business cards. Instead of having a flimsy piece of paper with your details on, you can now impress with sophisticated cardboard and even plastic cards. Depending on the machine you will be able to print your cards on either of these two materials. Printing on plastic is not a simple task and cannot be undertaken by mediocre machines. Printing on cardboard is more common as it is an easier process. It all depends what type of message you want to give across with your business cards. In order to ensure that you get given the very best you need to go to a company that uses the following card mailers:

  • Kern 90 CardSystem: this ground breaking card processing machine can print up to 8000 cards per hour. With high accuracy and timeless fashion you can guarantee that regardless of how big your order is you will have perfect cards every time.
  • Kern 91 CardSystem: this machine will provide you with a 4000 cards per hour success rate. With its integration of checkpoints throughout the machine consistent accuracy will always be in place.
  • Kern 95 CardSystem: if you want to get the best price for your business cards then this is the machine you need to look for. The Kern 95 will assure that the production time equals the processing time and as such you will get more value for money. It also can perform different processes simultaneously guaranteeing a fast production time with complete accuracy.

These are the only card machines that you will want to have your business cards printed by. The truth of the matter is that you need to leave a good lasting impression with your clients. Not being able to provide them with a business card in order for them to get in contact with you, might look unprofessional. All you need to do is decide on a design, get in contact with a company who owns one of the Kern ranges of machines and place your order. You will not be disappointed once you see how professional your business cards are.

Mailing solutions that will keep you coming back for more

There are many different mailing solutions out there. Some people may not have the right equipment at home or in their offices to do the job right. If you are in need of some professional mailing assistance than you need to find companies that stock our machines. Here at Mail Mech we supply a number of machinery to mailing companies, including card mailers. If you require any more information on our products visit our website

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