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How to buy pressure sealing machines

There are many reasons why you need to keep items in your business private. The question is how do you do this? You need to know how to buy pressure sealing machines that will make sure your businesses information is under lock and key.

What are pressure sealing machines?  These machines have been designed to seal of documentation without you having to. Some companies issue payslips that one of the employees is in charge of sealing themselves, even if you trust said employee explicitly it is unethical to allow them access to all of your other employee’s private salaries. By purchasing pressure sealing machines you can stop this from happening. The machines are designed to take in different volumes of pages that already have self-cohesive seals on them. As the page is put through the machine the pressure seal will seal the self-cohesive sections off. Providing you with documentation that is completely private once it leaves the machine. Only the person who is supposed to have access to that information will have it. Getting one of these machines in your office is definitely a necessity, especially if you do issue your own payslips.

How do you go about buying pressure sealing machines?There are a variety of different pressure sealing machines to choose from. The first aspect that you need to figure out, is the volume in which you need the machine to function. There are 4 different volumes that you can get the machines in:

  • Low volume: this machine takes between 0-20,0000 pages
  • Medium volume: this machine takes between 20,000-125,000 pages
  • Large volume: this machine takes between 125,000-300,000 pages
  • Production volume: 300,000 plus pages

Choosing your volume needs will help narrow down which pressure sealing machines you can purchase. There are two leading brands of machine that you should look into purchasing; Neopost and Formax. These brands have come up with machines that are at the top of their game. If you are a large corporation that needs to handle many private documentation then you need to consider getting the Formax FE-2054. With memory technology that can remember up to 35 previous jobs you never have to worry about things going wrong. On top of that it has been proven that it can seal up to 16,540 pages per hour and a whopping 200,000 items per month. There is no question about it, if you are looking for a way to keep privacy at an all-time high at your corporation than this is the machine for you.

Where to purchase pressure sealing machines

Now that you understand the wonders of pressure sealing machines you are probably wondering where you can purchase them. If you want access to the very best, including the Formax FE-2054, then you need to come to us at Mail Mech. We have made it our job to supply only the best mailing and business related machinery. We can provide you with the answers you need to provide your business with the correct technology. For more information visit our website today.

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