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Put your Business on Steroids with Email Tracking Solutions

Being able to monitor as many factors as possible when it comes to your business or your job is paramount to success.

Email still remains a crucial form of both personal contact and information distribution. Given that you’re keeping a close eye on things, you’d naturally want to be sure that the intended recipient actually received your email – just for starters.

For just this purpose, some email applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird employ a basic email tracking system. However, only if compatible with the receiver’s software, the tools these applications provide still leaves the receiver holding all the cards – which doesn’t guarantee that they will select the ‘read receipt’ reply option to indicate that they have indeed received that long overdue invoice that the lady in accounts still claims to know nothing about!

Want to get serious about an email tracking solution?

The low down on Email Tracking

There are a host of email tracking software tools available that are far more involved in your and other people’s business than some might be accustomed to, but taken on its merit, email tracking software is an invaluable resource that takes the guesswork out of understanding how your emails are being used and received.

Great news! Email tracking software can be used with existing email systems, which may come as a huge relief to those who break into a cold sweat every time technology advances when they’ve only just managed to figure out the current system.

Email tracking utilises a process whereby information is collected and distributed through in place systems with the addition of computer code. Digitally time-stamped records keep tabs on things for you and the tool doesn’t depend on the cooperation of the receiver. It all works silently in the background without interrupting you or the receiver.

When your customer, or prospective customer, receives an email, a tracking image or note is loaded which indicates to you that the message has been opened. Any links or attachments that are clicked on will load another cookie – not the kind that you dunk in your coffee, but rather a small data file. A collection of cookies will then be analysed for patterns which can be used to develop sales acceleration email campaigns designed around your customer’s buying behaviour.

Most of the email tracking tools require access to your emails which includes their ability to “Send”, “Read” and “Delete” them. So when selecting an email tracking solution, choose wisely because you have to trust the tool and its provider’s privacy policies.

Some Benefits of Email Tracking

Time Saver

Because email tracking offers real-time notifications, you can see when and where your email was opened and if it was on a mobile device or on a desktop device.

Being made aware of how long your email was opened for, if it was forwarded and if your links are being clicked and attachments opened, you will know that you’re currently on the receiver’s mind.

This empowers salespeople to reach out to customers at that very moment, which can be a highly beneficial practice to win more business as it is far less interruptive and saves precious time.

Money Saver

While print advertising can still be effective, the email system of campaigning has changed the way businesses market their products and services – at a fraction of the cost while at the same time reaching a far larger audience.

Now with the addition of email tracking, your business will have more valuable insight into the right time to send emails to your target market to illicit more responses and close more deals.

Avoiding Disputes

The modern world tends to be more cut-throat than ever before and people often don’t honour their word, which can lead to disputes arising. Effectively tracking your communication with your customers and suppliers can greatly assist in avoiding unnecessary legal suits and litigation.

Gain Unique Insight

More than just valuable information about the receiver’s engagement with your emails, email tracking software can also allow you to see their professional history, where they live, details about their company and social media profiles, your email history with them and more – which from a professional point of view is less about stalking and more about having a unique insight into your target market.

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