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The best film wrapping systems

Do you want to save time and money? Than you need to know about the best film wrapping systems. These fantastic machines will make sure that you are able to sign, seal and deliver perfect mail and packages all year round. Do not disappoint your customers by letting their items get soaking wet, get film wrapping systems put in at your offices.

Film wrapping systems are the same machine as a plastic wrapping system. Their function is to quite simply wrap mail, packaging and other items in plastic and seal them. Once the item has been wrapped in plastic you can rest assured that it will not get easily damaged. It is a necessity to have if you work at a major couriering or mailing outlet. The question is which are the best film wrapping systems on the market currently? There are only two machines that you should consider getting, Buhrs and Kern.

The Buhrs range has three on offer:

  • Buhrs 1000: a dynamite machine that can produce up to 13000 products per hour.  It is suitable for medium sized businesses that have a smaller workload. It is recommended to be used in post-press facilities.
  • Buhrs 3000: a machine that will keep your products completely safe. Aimed at the magazine, journals and other quality media products, it is suitable again for post-press facilities. It has also been designed to work to the operator’s requirements and will always produce fast, clean results with a 15,000 per hour rate.
  • Buhrs 4000: this is the machine you need if you are working at a large mailing company. It will assist you with better time management and can produce 18,000 products per hour. It requires less set-up time to begin the job at hand and requires little maintenance. It is truly the big daddy of the Buhrs range.

The Kern K40 is a more flexible machine. It can produce a minimum of 1500 packages per hour to a whopping 20,000. It has been designed to be more user friendly and has an optimum throughput as well as ergonomic operation. Regardless of what machine you end up choosing to install in your mailing room you will know that you are getting the absolute best if you choose Buhrs or Kern machines.

It is necessary to provide your clients with a flawless product but also to protect yourself. If you are running a post-press franchise that is responsible for the distribution of magazines you want to make sure you get the best sales. In light of the fact, that customers will pick up and read magazines while standing in line at the shops, you can easily miss out on sales. By simply adding plastic to seal the magazine you can make sure that you sell more, as the customer will only be able to read it once they have paid for it. This is one of the many reasons you need to get film wrapping systems put in place.

Mailing products and solutions

Here at Mail Mech we can provide your company with mailing products and solutions. If you are in need of one of the above items or simply need an envelope sealer we are the company for you. Visit our website to find out more.

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