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The Benefits of a Folding and Inserting Machine

They say that one should work smart and not hard. Automating your office and getting machines to do the grunt work is one step closer to this smarter work ethic.

If your business sends out rather a lot of mail, you should choose to automate because seriously, who actually wants to spend hours hand creasing letters, shoving them into envelopes and closing it all up when there is a machine that can handle all of these tasks at super-efficient speeds?

What is a Folding and Inserting Machine?

This fabulous mechanical device is used to fold paper and automatically insert it into envelopes. Many of the available models also offer the ability to even seal the envelopes for you too – yes, please!

What are the Benefits of a Folding and Inserting Machine?

Say goodbye to the hard slog of repetitive and mind-numbing manual labour for starters.

Speed: Quick, it’s very, very quick. A folding and inserting machine can fly through at least a thousand more mail items per hour than any human hands can. Even the fastest and most experienced mail packers can only pack a couple of hundred mail items per hour, whereas most folding and inserting machines can work at speeds of 1 200 per hour or more.

Consistency: Since variety is the spice of life, the monotony of folding and inserting mail into envelopes over and over tends to lead to a fair amount of inconsistency as the task wears the packer down. So while some of your customers will be delighted with their neatly aligned, perfectly folded and perfectly sealed envelopes, there will be others who won’t be so lucky having received mail with missing items, crooked folds and half sealed envelopes. A folding and inserting machine pretty much guarantees that all your mail is sent out in tip top and professional looking shape.

Accuracy: With human fatigue comes mistakes and mix-ups. Most folding and inserting machines are fitted with advanced security features which detect double-documentation errors and barcode matching, making sure that each envelope is sent out with exactly the same contents as one another.

Cost: A folding and inserting machine both reduces the need to hire additional staff to hand pack mail and saves valuable time, in that you can get your mail out to your customers at a much faster rate.

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